Do we have a phone number for customer service?

Yes, please call toll free at 833-545-3222 during business hours and ask for Leaders RPM Shop Customer Service.
Leaders business hours are Eastern time; M-F 9am - 5pm,  Sat. & Sun. Closed

When did Leaders RPM Shop launch and where are we located?

Leaders RPM Shop launched in December 2016. Leaders RPM Shop is a division of Leaders Inc. Owned by the the same family that runs Leaders RPM. We are located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

What is our Item Pricing and Description Policy?

Individual product descriptions are claims of the manufacturer and/or distributor and are not guaranteed accurate. Prices subject to change without notice. Mistakenly posted prices on the website do not obligate Leaders RPM Shop to those incorrect prices.

Do we offer discounts?

We do not offer additional discounts on-line individually. Our pricing is typically regulated by manufacturer policy or is competitively priced.

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Do we donate to any charities?

As a company, we support multiple local, national and international causes. We do not offer direct donations on-line currently.

What forms of payment do we accept?

We currently accept PayPal, Amazon Pay, and all major credit/debit cards.

What is your shipping process?

We make every effort to process orders within one business day of when the order is received. Once packaged, the shipping choice is made based on the customer's preference from the shipping choices provided. If free shipping is chosen, we use the least expensive option between USPS or UPS with tracking. The customer will receive a tracking number notification. Items are left at the address provided by the shipper. We do not provide "signature notification" unless specifically requested.

Will all my items come in one order? I may have multiple items in the same order.

Not always. We have multiple warehouse locations and your packages may come in multiple shipments. We do not charge you anything extra for the additional shipments. Your packages should have notification in side of them if they will have additional shipments. Customer service will notify you if an item is on back order.

I live locally. Can I pick up my order?

In Store Pickup:
Local customers can choose to pick up at either of Leaders RPM's locations instead of shipping.  In-stock items placed online before 12:00 noon will be offered FREE In Store Pickup options at Checkout up at either location at 4:00 pm or after the same day! Date and time are provided within the Shipping Options at Checkout. We do not ship on six US National Holidays. Holiday orders will process on the next business day. In Store locations offered may vary based on product location.

Kalamazoo Location: 8500 West Main St. Kalamazoo, MI 49009
Business Hours are: 9am to 6pm Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri., 9am to 6pm Wed. and 9am to 4pm Sat. Come in the front doors and ask for the parts counter. 

Schoolcraft Location: 12033 US-131, Schoolcraft, MI 49087 
Business Hours are: 9am to 5pm Mon. through Fri. Come in the front doors and ask for customer pickup. 

Do you ship internationally?

Why yes we do! The customer is responsible for customs, taxes and duties with the carrier directly. Check out the Shipping page for ALL international policies and import fee payment expectations. 

Are our packages branded?

No, our packaging is likely to be plain or the manufacturer's packaging.

What is the Returns and Exchange policies?

Please review the Returns and Exchange Policy - on this page. The page explains if you received incorrect items, damaged items, exchanges and more. 

What is the Holiday Returns Policy?

Please review the Returns and Exchange Policy - on this page. The page explains if you received incorrect items, damaged items, exchanges and more. 

What is a Back Order or Special Order?

With our products available on many marketplaces, from time to time we may have an item that can be oversold or an inventory discrepancy and need to order replacement stock. This is called a “back order” or "special order". If an item isn’t immediately available from the supplier, we will notify you via e-mail and give you a cancellation option. Back orders will be filled before new orders when the back ordered items become available.

When I place an item in my cart or wish list, is it reserved for any period of time?

Unfortunately, we do not reserve items. Placing an available item in your cart or wish list does not keep it from being sold. Available inventory is only assigned to you after you place the order and you receive an e-mail confirmation.

Do we have promotional materials such as stickers?

Check out the RPM Gear category of Leaders RPM Shop. We will have limited edition items located here for sale.